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1. What is IDsurv? is an innovative Infectious Disease surveillance and AEFI reporting system by Indian Academy of Paediatrics.
- To develop an early warning system for paediatric vaccine preventable diseases in India
- To generate data on burden of vaccine preventable diseases in India
- To generate data on Serious AEFI in India 

2. How do I join IDsurv network?

If you are a new user you will need to register with Following steps should be followed to get registered with IDsurv:
Step 1- Open URL in your browser.
Step 2- Click on sign up. A panel will open. Click on register.
Step 3- Enter your details and click on submit.*
Your account will be validated by the administrator and password will be sent to you by SMS and email.
*Keep your IAP membership number/MCI registration number handy

3. Why should I join IDsurv network?

Cases reported by you would help in generating data regarding disease burden in India. Cases reported by you can be viewed and edited by you. It can serve as your personal Infectious Disease records system. These can be viewed & analyzed by you anytime anywhere by logging into your account.

4. What are the various ways in which I can report cases?

You can report a case by the following ways:  
1. Through website, after logging into your account. 
2. Through android app.  
Reporting a case through website::
Open Click on login and a panel will open. Enter your Username & Password. You will be redirected to your account. Click on Report a Case. Select the diagnosis. Enter Patient details. Enter all other details and click on submit. A reference number will be generated for the patient and given to you.
Reporting a case through mobile app:
First, one should download the app in the mobile. You have to enter your username and password. Click on 'Report a Case'. Select the diagnosis. Enter patient's details including all other details and click on submit. A reference number will be generated for the patient and given to you.

5. Who can see the cases reported by me?

Anybody who opens can see the cases reported on the platform. But the identity of the Doctor & Patient is kept confidential and is given only to Government authorities if requested by them.

6. What are the case definitions to be used for reporting the cases on IDsurv?

For details on Case Definitions refer to resources section or click on the following link “Case Definitions”

7. What are the various diseases covered under IDsurv project?

At present following disease are being reported under IDsurv Project:
Acute Bacterial Meningitis  
Acute Encephalitis Syndrome  
Chicken pox  
Enteric fever  

8. What do you mean by “Previous Relevant Vaccination”?

For details on “Previous Relevant Vaccination” refer to resources section or click on the following link ‘Previous Relevant Vaccination’

9. Can I change the data after entering it once on the platform?

Yes you can change or update your data after entering it once on the platform by following some Steps.
Step 1- Sign up with your Username and Password
Step 2- Click on ‘View/ Update cases reported by me’
Step 3- Where you want to make changes click on ‘Update it’ which is given in the last column.

10. What is done with the data generated on IDsurv?

Data reported by you is immediately reflected in your account and you can view it by clicking on View/update cases reported by me. You can also edit data later or even delete the case if the final diagnosis changes. The data reported through all the methods is integrated in real time and immediately updated on the website. Doctor’s name, Patient’s name and Patient’s contact details will be visible only to the person who has reported the case and it shall not be divulged on the website.
The data is analyzed periodically by experts and utilized to generate disease burden and also presented in scientific forums.

An early warning system is being integrated on the website wherein if heavy activity of particular disease is noted from a specific geographical area, an alert by email and SMS is sent to all members on IDsurv network from that area.

11. Do I get updates regarding cases reported by others?

Yes, a weekly epidemiological report is sent to all registered members by email. You can also see and sort all the cases reported on our website under the ‘Surveillance Data’ tab. The data doesn’t contain information about doctors and patients, to maintain the confidentiality.

12. What are the various formats in which the data can be viewed?

The data can be viewed in 3 formats:

  1. In Tabular format
  2. As Charts
  3. On a Map

13. What are the different ways in which I can search cases reported on IDsurv?

You can search the cases reported on IDsurv in the following ways:
Click on Surveillance Data tab and then click on the format in which you want the data i.e. if you want to see it tabular form then click on ‘In A  Table’; if you want to see it in chart form then click on ‘As A Chart’; if you want to see it in map form then click on ‘On A Map’.

Then click on Advance Search and fill up the required data like: Diagnosis, Age (Months), Sex, Severity of Disease, Microbial Diagnosis Established, Relevant Previous Vaccination, Outcome, State, District, City, and Time Period. After filling up the details click on ‘Show Now’ button, then you will get the cases you were searching for.

14. What is an AEFI?

A medical incident that takes place after an immunization, causes concern and is believed to be caused by immunization is called an AEFI (Adverse Event Following Immunization)

15. Are we supposed to report all AEFI’s?

No only serious AEFI’s are to be reported on IDsurv network.

16. What is serious AEFI?

Serious AEFIs Includes

17. What happens when I report an AEFI case on

When you report an AEFI case, real time notification is sent to IAP AEFI surveillance committee, your State EPI officer and to the Nodal Person in MoHFW, Government of India. The Government authorities will take over the investigation of the case after this.

18. Can I modify an AEFI reported by me?

Yes you can modify an AEFI case reported by you by logging into your account.

19. Are AEFI cases reported by me visible to everyone?

No, this data is kept confidential and only shared with Government authorities

20. Do I need to maintain records of the cases/AEFI reported by me on IDsurv?

It is not compulsory to maintain records of the cases reported by you on But we strongly recommend that you maintain records for medicolegal purpose as you would for any other case.

21. Can I change my user profile on IDsurv?

You can even update your profile by clicking on ‘Update my profile’  in which you can change your password and other details. We strongly recommend you to update your city as the cases reported by you are reported as occurring in the city that you have entered in your address.

22. Whom do I contact in case of any problems with the network?

Please feel free to use the feedback form on website or mail to / You can also call the numbers given in Contact tab during working hours.

23. How to download IDsurv app in android phone?

You can directly search the app from the playstore or Google play. And then download the same.


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